Cody Downs Art Scholarship Fund

The parents of Cody Downs have created a scholarship fund to celebrate and honor their son’s love of the arts.

Cody’s beautiful tiles have been sold in shops and galleries in Long Beach, Washington.

“Because Cody is able to try different mediums, and explore arts in a multitude of ways, he has been able to fully participate without any requirements to ‘be successful.’ He has been allowed to try and fail, like or dislike, without anyone saying it was or wasn’t a success. It’s amazing what you find out when you don’t put expectations on a person.” Kay Parks, Cody’s mom.

The Cody Downs Scholarship Fund will be administered by the Peninsula Arts Association. This fund is intended to cover the cost of art classes or activities for residents of Pacific County who are either a person with a disability or a military veteran. There is no age range restriction for applicants.

Examples of what can be funded include, but are not limited to, a painting class at a local community college, a clay class at a local gallery, time working with clay with a local artist, a photography class, one-on-one time with a local artist to learn watercolor painting, a class on fiber arts, or a session on printing tiles. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide information on location and cost of the class or activity.

Fees will be paid directly to the entity providing the art class or activity. A resident is eligible to receive one award per calendar year. The maximum award in 2022 and 2023 will be $150 with an average award being approximately $50 per person.

Applications may be submitted by mail or via email to Peninsula Arts Association. Applications will be reviewed monthly by the Peninsula Arts Association board except in July and December. Questions should be directed to the Peninsula Arts Association by emailing